SPMI document

The SPMI document preparation and development activities are under the control of the Internal Quality Assurance Center which has the task of developing and managing an internal quality assurance system that goes beyond the National Standard for Higher Education and a system of monitoring and evaluation of learning. The Internal Quality Assurance Center has the function of assessing and developing quality instruments that include quality policy documents, quality manuals, quality standards and objectives, as well as quality forms that go beyond the National Standards of Higher Education and are in line with the sustainable development direction of Unhas.

Internal Quality Assurance System Policy Document

The Internal Quality Assurance System Policy is a quality policy manual or main document that forms the basis for compiling documents that are more operational under it, namely the SPMI Standard, SPMI Manual, and SPMI Form in order to implement SPMI which refers to the Academic Senate Regulation of Hasanuddin University Number 4867 / UN4 / IT.03 / 2017 concerning the Guarantee Policy of the Internal Quality Assurance System. The SPMI Policy Document contains the design and implementation of the Unhas quality culture, philosophical foundation, paradigm, and the principles and institutions of Hasanuddin University in particular regarding the vision, mission and objectives of the education of Hasanuddin University.

Internal Quality Assurance System Manual Document

This SPMI Manual Book / Document is useful to guide the decision authority of the scope of SPMI, lecturers and education personnel in implementing the SPMI Standard, in accordance with the respective standards of authority that have been determined by the Dikti standard which refers to the Higher Education SN-PT. In principle, this document contains the Determination, Implementation, Implementation Evaluation, Implementation Control and Standard Improvement of SPMI (PPEPP).

Internal Quality Assurance System Standard Document

The SPMI Standard Document contains various criteria, sizes, benchmarks, or specifications of all educational, research and community service activities to realize the university’s Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives (VMTS) to satisfy Hasanuddin University’s internal and external stakeholders. In principle, the SPMI standard refers to the National Standard of Higher Education (SN-PT) according to Permenristekdikti No. 44 of 2015 in setting various achievement standards, standard achievement strategies, indicators of achievement and compliance in implementing SPMI. Permendikbud No. 44 of 2015 concerning National Education Standards from the Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of Higher Education Research and Technology, requires that as a tertiary institution, Hasanuddin University is obliged to establish SPMI standards that exceed minimum standards (both qualitatively and quantitatively) as an inseparable unit in carrying out the Tridharma PT at Hasanuddin University.

Internal Quality Assurance System Form Document

The SPMI form contains the forms and templates needed from each quality standard as a guideline for the steps in carrying out tasks and documenting the implementation of tasks / activities.